Finding a New Way of Thinking and Living

I have been putting off writing a garden newsletter for many reasons – mainly, because I’m dragging my feet on presenting the truth as I know it. I continue to carry the “sting” of political correctness, which is I think fairly evident by this time, that political correctness is a real killer when it comes to free and creative thinking.

Once in a box, I’m in a box with no chance of riding the horse of original ideas out into the open. Tired of the constraints, I have climbed on the wild stallion sharing where I am being led and what I am going to do about it. Of course, if I am being truly honest, I have never really cared what people thought of me (as many will tell you) so maybe it’s my old age, which has stalled me as I’m not up for the debate or rather the fight.

I have to remind myself though, to look beyond all of this, I mean why does any human being care what another human being thinks – it’s complete nonsense.  If I care what another human’s opinions are, than guess what? I have just become a victim giving other humans power over me. So enough on opinions, let’s go beyond them and enter the more layered, challenging and creative world of ideas. The idea place is where there is a more rarified climate and because it’s less populated, a freer place to communicate.  So where is this all leading?

The Radical Gardener

Opinions lead to stagnation = Ideas lead to future ideas and solutions = Replace Opinions with Ideas.

Being a gardener, one of the most important things for me to consider is weather. I’m not talking about, is it going to rain tomorrow or is there going to be a frost tonight but something that is much bigger and quickly impacting our planet – being referred to as “The Grand Solar Minimum.”

The politicians have sneakily begun to call Global Warming “Climate Change” ….with the next iteration, I believe, being Grand Solar Minimum. In a nutshell, Grand Solar Minimum means a mini-ice age, extreme weather (sound familiar)or just big, big weather – which is happening all over the planet while you are not being informed. Though my personal jury is still out whether a pole shift is also in play, it is all adding up to a rock ‘em sock ‘em challenge ahead of us.  Is this crazy? Not if you look at the mounds of evidence.

The Radical Gardener


Okay, so there it is. A Grand Solar Minimum. All can be proven through graphs and charts showing the cycles of our dear Mother Earth and her relationship to the sun. Unfortunately, we have had politicians and “paid for” scientists that yelled, Global Warming! Of course, this became a political issue which as in all things political, led to money and finger pointing.  How about the creation of carbon tax?  Guess who got the bulk of that dough? That’s right Mr. Global Warming himself, Al Gore.  (By the way check out his eco-unfriendly huge mansion’s+huge+mansions&id=D85688A89EA48A24C6E56D87E503429170F43364&FORM=IQFRBA

Like my dear old mum used to say, “Follow the Money.” So with an administration change, the same scientists are no longer under threat and/or receiving money for their one-sided research. To save face, they are SLOWLY reversing their “findings.” ; ;

With this new/old information, a window of truth appears so that we can lift an oppressive foot off of the back of our neck’s, allowing us to look around and begin investigating the truth. This was not a big leap for me. I never did buy into the global warming bullshit because whatever the weather trends were on earth – they were similar on other planets in the solar system. Beyond even this common sense thinking, I realized that all we have to do is follow the cycles.

Around the 1970’s to recently, we were hitting a warming trend within the ice age that we are currently living in. This trend like all-weather trends on the planet are a slave or co-operative or part of or whatever of the Sun’s activities.  Let me repeat. Our weather is based on the cycle of the Sun. The Sun is now entering a cooling trend. This cooling trend or inactivity of the Sun presents other electrical concerns i.e. Cosmic Ray Flux and much more. This is where it gets a bit more complicated. An area, I don’t fully understand but I sure mean to and will report accordingly.

The Radical Gardener

You don’t have the right to anything you don’t go out and discover.  It’s a harsh universe out there.

There is no authority that is going to grant you a right

Freedom is something you take.  Liberty is something that is granted.  A right is something you fight for and secure on your own.

So if you want to know something get off of your butt and go find it out.

Be Adult and Don’t Panic!

The Radical Gardener

There are cycles within cycles within cycles  With this cyclic information, frankly earth is right on cue.  Okay, got it. But what’s changed. What is going on? It’s obvious in the last year we have seen a dramatic shift within the activity of the sun and increased UV’s. And remember, 15% of our atmosphere was eradicated during the Indonesian Tsunami….which is amplifying the natural cycles… if that hasn’t been enough, the renegade and I think legitimate weather sites are basing their predictions on the activity on the sun whereas mainstream weathermen are not paying attention to this at all. It is absolutely absurd.

The Radical Gardener


So now what? Well, get ready folks, there ain’t nothin’ we can do about the weather. It is time for these cycles to repeat themselves. They are repeating themselves. Since we can’t stop it then how the hell do we get through these natural yet challenging cycles? Can we learn how to live with these earth changes. Yes, we can. Like civilizations before us and the ones after us, if we want to have enough food and survive, we need to meet this head on – we are headed for huge food shortages. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Uncle Sammy is not going to make sure I have breakfast and a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Or whether I have toilet paper. Or if my animals will get enough to eat. Or make sure that whatever food is available is healthy for me, and not poisoned with GMO’s (which is also a death sentence – just a slower one).

The Radical Gardener

The Radical Gardener

The Radical Gardener

I understand that this is a lot of information. I get it. I just want you to know that I do spend time researching these subjects. Like I said, you will get idea’s along with my opinions. I will touch on three basic ideas and/or suggestions.  As follows:


  1. Be prepared. I know you must be smarter than the average bear so I’m not going to mention the ignorance of running to the store to buy milk and bread which go bad after two days. Invest in food. If you have buckets of beans, rice and alfalfa – you can live for a long time on very simple food. If you want prepared meals, you can go that route. Buckets of flour and grains is a smart idea. Lots of water or at least a portable water system. Vitamins that you can’t live without. If you take medication try and have two-year’s worth. (not kidding). Essential Oils. First Aid Supplies, Visqueen (makeshift greenhouse); Lots of pet food as that will be the first thing to go; toilet paper, seeds sealed in cans for future planting. Look around! Look at all the devastation. Where do you think food is going to come from? Is it going to magically appear on the grocery store shelves? No. Be prepared!
  2. Begin a community resource center. Plan as a community. Can each person be in charge of a different food source? Can we have a community greenhouse? Can we have a community exchange program? What plans can be put into action?
  3. Grow your own food. Because of increased rain falls, get your food in elevated boxes. The sun’s increased UV can and will burn plants. How can we protect them? Is the water we are using clean? Will the plants have a better chance of growing under these harsher circumstances if we give them a fighting chance and co-create with them?


Please see links where I go for weather information.

This is Diamond’s website and youtube channel – The Oppenheimer Ranch Project. Honestly, you could just watch his videos posted every morning and probably know everything you need to about the weather and surviving it. He has a Masters in Paleontology and Geology. Brilliant and lots of attitude.  Hands down my favorite

I love this guy! He’s great on Hurricanes but he does comment on other weather events. Very relaxed style and astute.

This is Dutch from Dutchsince. He is a genius on calling Earthquakes and teaches you  how to do it yourself. The Seismology Community hates him. All I can figure out is because he makes the whole process look so damn easy that anyone can do it.

I call him the Dragnet of the Weather Channels. Very science based and proponents of the Electric Universe

Long Range Forecasting and Environmental policy. Revolutionary world-leading Solar based method of Long Range forecasting to include all countries of the world months and years ahead particularly for extreme and dangerous events. The background physics principles behind the method  are available in presentations. In addition, His True-Green-Policies defending biodiversity, wild-life and reducing chemical/particulate pollution and points out that CO2 is not a pollutant but the Gas-Of-Life (plant food).


I want to say that I do not live in fear. I live in being prepared while having faith in the here and now. I love my earth mother. I love that she is changing, morphing and eventually becoming even more of what she is meant to be -a beautiful wild sphere with humans co-exisiting in a respectful manner. I love that the solar system is integrated, reacting, breathing, while dramatically changing – all within some of our lifetimes. This is a way to an even better world. I am honored to play a small part in this incredible time. I invite you to join me. I invite you to share. I invite you to live in a community and a solution based world. I invite you to co-create along with me in this next gorgeous evolution. I Love you all.

May your Garden Always Grow

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