Picking Peas – The Forest for the Trees

When picking peas this year, the phrase, you can’t see the forest for the trees, kept running through my mind. I would think I was done picking, only to step back and see thirty more peas, which just a moment before were virtually hidden. The phrase was mimicking a familiar theme that had been running through my life for the last year in a very big way. I had come to realize that no matter what I was looking at, there was an even bigger picture behind it.  There were deeper and more meaningful layers to how this universe may function. Now, if you don’t believe in higher purpose, than what I’m writing about today, will make no sense to you. But to others who are looking to make peace in what seems to be a very complicated world than maybe this might help a bit.

I guess the best place to start is with the political landscape. Okay, before you turn off your computer, I am not going to talk about “sides” because I believe that is where we are really being manipulated and have been since the beginning of civilization where we “thought” we were choosing our leaders.  With a historical perspective, the societal relationship with God was all-important and communication with God deemed appropriate only for the highest levels of society for reasons of national security (secret societies i.e. Mystery Schools, CIA, Freemasons). The motive for this is if we are made to believe that only something more powerful than us i.e. King and Country, Church or Government, Light versus Dark Hierarchies, are able to have the solutions than it serves these institutions to tell us that their way is the only way we can solve problems and prosper.  The attitude of both religion and politics are one and the same and have always made excellent bedfellows because both thrive by forcing us into dualistic principles, creating conflict with the very people they are supposed to be serving – us.  In other words their commonality is to promote duality through fear, serving the institutions who are more about control than enlightened leadership which would take us into the next forward thinking step.

I watch my lovely friends on Facebook feed a lot of not very useful energy into who is going to win or has won an election. The fact is, the people that spend the most money, win. Every single time. Both parties have undisclosed contributors – many of these special interest groups are opposed to the populations of the world living with a life of quality. As far as I can tell, all sides are self-serving, arrogant, mostly white men throughout the world who are making decisions that do not benefit forward thinking. This is way past democrats and republicans.

This is about a world system where “we the people” are putting the emphasis on money before everything else. We might want to consider working on becoming spiritually fit before we can make a collective decision about who our leaders are going to be. (When I say spiritual I don’t mean religion which remember, promotes duality).

The duality that is being served to us – democrats versus republicans, Catholics versus Moslems, good versus evil, light versus dark – only serves a fairly sinister system that has been in place before the Babylonians.

The other piece of this bigger picture is to consider that all people and things are purposeful on this planet. They are all here through a manifestation of consciousness that we have created to learn very specific lessons. When we change, everything around us changes. With this in mind, the journey for me, has been to keep working on my own personal clarity and keep an open loving heart. This action, seems to influence my family, which influences our neighbors, which influences the community, which influences local leaders – like ripples in the collective pond. I said it before and I will say it again. When a Gandhi type energy runs for government, that is when this system gets my vote.

However, when we are taking a potentially powerful loving energy and instead turn it an argumentative upsetting opposing force, this is only serving a very disrupted chaotic purpose, highly serving not us but the powers that be, because the more we are in fear consciousness, the more stupid we become and that can only lead to a downward spiral. I don’t know about you, but when I am in a fearful place, I really don’t have any clarity, which means I am not the brightest bulb in the pack.

I’m not saying, don’t do anything…….it’s just a change of focused energy. I’m objecting to the illusion which creates a dualistic system so that we believe a group of people are against us. As long as we point accusing fingers at “those republicans” or “those democrats”  instead of thinking of all people as deserving our open hearts, than they have us stuck in the system. Only with an open loving heart can we be removed from this limited grip and our own victimization and come up with a new system where maybe our collective consciousness doesn’t continue to choose politics first.

Why not begin to move into a direction of something meaningful and higher – God is in charge, not any politician I’m aware of. I’m saying put the focus there first, then see who shows up to be our leaders. Maybe something wonderful, like 25 different people with no party affiliation and no financial backing. We have the solutions for all of the problems here on earth….so who is keeping us from using them?

So what does this have to do with the peas? It means to stop and breathe and pull back to get a broader view. We, the people are the seed, the solution. Look through the vines of emotions with hearts, be a tendril that chooses it’s climb wiselyso that it can support the weight of new ideas and creative ways to serve old problems. Maybe with a clearer view we will be able to see what we are truly looking at, which is the fruit of who we really are. A living breathing organism that can only flourish in a healthy soil, propagating new ways of growing.

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